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"Poetry is the way I fuck you when you’re gone." - Nicola Cayless, Literary Sexts  (via blackbruise)

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Getting my nipple pierced today…

                                                    …titally excited. 

Following the rainbow en route to #montclairpoetryfestival. It’s gonna be a great weekend. #mpf #twentyone #montclair #jersey #roadtrip


if you drink your coffee black then you’re probably into some real fucked up shit 

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And yes, you are part of the problem if you don’t see why the priority should be stopping this gendered violence as opposed to showing examples of when it hasn’t occurred.

You don’t have to be the one making headlines for doing the worst things in the world (ie. rape, murder) to be a part of the motor that helps it all run successfully.



this guy is a guardian of the galaxy 

I feel safer already

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